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Singer/songwriter/guitarist/actor John Michael Hersey performs both as a solo act and with a band and his repertoire includes songs from all genres from standards to contemporary pop, rock and R & B. He has released nine albums of original material: Soup Du Jour, Whirligig, Mr. Lucky (with Speedo and the Cadillacs), How Am I Here?, Adirondack, You Got to Me, Personal Belongings, Fifteen Years and Dreamtime. 



Singer/Songwriter John Michael Hersey’s releases new album

Dreamtime, an early 1980s style pop rock coming-of-age musical

It was the early 1980s in southern New Jersey. I was young. I was in a band. It was Dreamtime. We played five nights a week at Ferry’s Slip Inn, in search of an Audience. It was great! I wondered out loud: How Do You See Me? I styled myself The Heartbreak Kid. I proclaimed myself out of the ordinary, proudly and defiantly, Off the Wall. In reality, the ways of the opposite sex and the world in general were A Mystery to Me. I had a delusional relationship with an older woman, a Working Girl. How could I have been so naïve? How could I not see the Ghosts in Your Bedroom? I longed for a permanent Holiday Retreat, a way out of the nine-to-five life that lay ahead. Ultimately, I struck out on my own, but all I found was Every Reason to Fail. I was alone. I pleaded with the indifferent world to Give Me a Break. I had reached The Bottom Line. Dreamtime was over. And waking up is hard to do. I almost didn’t make it to morning. But music was my rising sun. That’s why I Keep on Turning it Out.




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