Singer/Songwriter John Michael Hersey


Personal Belongings

by John Michael Hersey

Released 2017
Released 2017
Rock, pop, folk, blues, adult alternative singer songwriter.
  • 04:15 Lyrics
    Get Through

    Every time I sing

    Or I’m playing with the band

    Do you ever wonder what’s on my mind?

    Do ya?

    I wish that I could show you

    And make you understand

    I’m trying to get through

    I’m just trying to get through

    To you


    Every time we talk

    And I don’t know what to say

    Do you think I’m trying to be unkind?

    Do ya?

    I want to get to know you

    But words get in the way

    I’m trying to get through

    I’m just trying to get through

    To you


    Draw back the curtain

    Pull up the screen

    Remove whatever’s in-between us

    I can’t be certain

    But still I feel

    There’s something here that’s real

    That’s true


    Every time we kiss

    And I look into your eyes

    Do you know it’s you that I want to find?

    Do ya?

    Don’t let my closeness throw you

    Or take you by surprise

    I’m trying to get through

    I’m just trying to get through

    To you

  • 03:52 Lyrics
    All My Life

    I have loved you all my life

    From the moment I was born

    You were shining in my eyes

    When they opened that first morning


    As a schoolboy I would walk

    Through the meadows of my home

    You were there among the stars

    And you followed all my roaming


    When I reached out to the world

    You’re the one who held my hand

    You’re the one who kissed my lips

    Gave me hope and understanding


    As a young man I worked hard

    And I learned how to survive

    For I knew with you I shared

    All my dreaming and my striving


    I have loved you all my life

    Though we’ve only met today

    You’ve been beating in my heart

    Where forever you’ll be staying

  • 05:29
    Gig in the Street
  • 03:31
    When It Rains
  • 03:28
    Hole in My Heart
  • 04:10
    Trying Times
  • 05:02
  • 03:37
    La Dolce Blues
  • 03:48
    Lady of the Day
  • 03:30
    A Little Lovin'
  • 04:31
    The Beaten Path
  • 02:59
John Michael Hersey is a singer/songwriter known for his sophisticated yet accessible melding of rock, pop, folk, blues and country. Hersey is first and foremost a storyteller, one who happens to play a mean guitar.

Hersey has released seven albums of original material: Soup Du Jour (1999), Whirligig (2003), Mr. Lucky [with Speedo and the Cadillacs] (2004), How Am I Here? (2007), Adirondack (2014) [“raw, hard, observant and thought provoking”], You Got to Me, [“a timeless take …
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John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


I stayed up late coming undone

Cursing my fate and everyone

Wasting my time, hanging my head

Stuck in a rut, as good as dead


Then all at once, or so it seemed

It was a scene I thought I dreamed

A smile I found

Turned me around


You saved my life

With just one look

You saved my life

That’s all it took

Like a light in the dark

There you were, love’s bright spark

You saved my life


My self-esteem beyond repair

I didn’t dream, I didn’t dare

And all the promise of my youth

Was just a lie – that was my truth


But then so simply and so sweet

So tenderly and so complete

And so unplanned

You touched my hand


You saved my life

With one caress

You saved my life

No more, no less

Like the heat from a fire

You filled me with desire

You saved my life


I tried to fix my life alone

But I got nowhere on my own

So glad you came to my rescue

Where would I be if not for you?

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Caught unawares

I walked up the stairs

Under the silky sheet I disappeared


Your body lithe

We did rub and writhe

You brought me back to life; the slate was cleared


You got to me

With love untainted

So glad that we

Became acquainted

You got to me


Can it be true?

Tell me who are you?

Some cosmic visitor, some passing phantom


What a relief

It’s beyond belief

The seeds of ecstasy, we’re gonna plant them


You got to me

Showed me to shelter

A moment free

From helter skelter

You got to me


Hip to hip

Chest to chest

We let time slip

East and west

North and south

Did not exist

Mouth to mouth


My soul was kissed

What a sensation


You got to me

Now we are lovers

What will we see

Under the covers

You got to me

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Just got back today

Spent some time away

All work and no play

Makes Johnny a dull man

Now I’m looking around

Got my ear to the ground

Every sight and sound

Is so beautiful, man


Some people say it’s an ugly world

Life’s a bitch then you die

It might be true

But I’d still rather laugh than cry


And I’m sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

In New York City


Take a subway ride

To the Lower East Side

Just rolling with the tide

And hearing the wind blow

Have some scrambled eggs

Sip my coffee dregs

Watch the arms and legs

Outside my window


Got into trouble

But I made my peace

Gonna make a new start

The streets are pumping something

Straight into my heart




The night is coming

But I just can’t sleep

Got too much on my mind

I need a little of that

Sweet old bump and grind




John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


From Hersey's latest album, Adirondack. 


Eve was in the garden

She saw the apple on the tree

Eve was in the garden

She saw the apple on the tree

And just like that lady

I couldn’t let that apple be



Nero played his fiddle

The smell of smoke was all around

Nero played his fiddle

The smell of smoke was all around

And just like that Roman

My city burned down to the ground


Lord, help me

I’m a fallen man

Lord, help me

Lord, help me if you can


Standing at the crossroads

Robert Johnson came to play

Standing at the crossroads

Robert Johnson came to play

And just like that bluesman

I fell down on my knees to pray


John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Lots of woods and family farms

With houses in between 

Cedar lakes and big back yards

With oak trees tall and green

And although Philadelphia

Was just an hour away

When I was young my home town

Was mostly where I’d stay


And though I left there long ago

My thoughts meander still

Down to southern New Jersey

To a town called Franklinville


Back in the nineteen-seventies

Those were my teenage years

My hair was long, my jeans were tight

Rock music filled my ears

I learned to throw a football

I learned to drive a car

I learned to roll a number

I learned to play guitar


I may have seen the world since then

But I still get a thrill

Remembering South Jersey

And a town called Franklinville


I fell in love my senior year

I thought she was the one

But when the summer ended

Our love affair was done

So I had to say goodbye

To all the starry lakeside nights

And go and seek my fortune

Beneath the city lights


I’ve tried hard to forget her

But I know I never will

My first love in South Jersey

In a town called Franklinville


Now on many of the family farms

Developments have grown

A super highway passes through

The backyards I had known

And all my childhood memories

Are phantoms in my mind

Just like the phantom fortune

That I’m still trying to find


But there’s a part of me inside

The changing world can’t kill

Born in southern New Jersey

In a town called Franklinville


I may have left there long ago

But my heart beats there still

Down in southern New Jersey

In a town called Franklinville

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


From Hersey's 2007 album "How Am I Here?"


I’m the universal stranger

Have you seen my face before?

The moment I sense danger

I’ve got one foot out the door


I’m a wanted man

I’m running from town to town

I’m running from the blues

But the blues always track me down


Each time you take my hand

Child, you make me want to smile

But you must understand

I can only stay a while




I think the coast is clear

And they take me by surprise

I try to disappear

But they see through my disguise

They’re ruthless and they’re cunning

And they always get their man

That’s why I keep on running

Just as fast as I can


I’m the universal stranger

First you know me then you don’t

A shadowy shape-changer

I could stay but I won’t




John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


From Hersey's 2003 album "Whirligig."


Welcome to class, boy

If you want to pass

You better listen to what I sing

About the bite and the sting

Of the birds and bees

Study your history

It ain't no mystery

We've been doing it since Adam and Eve

Born to woo and deceive

To strip and tease

And before your graduation

I’ll show what I've learned

I had an early education

In the art of being burned


Heartbreak 101

Let me show you how it's done

Here at the school

Where the golden rule

Is to do unto others and run

Heartbreak 101


When I was a student

I wasn't very prudent

I thought love would win the day

But it didn't turn out that way

And I paid the price

I had a lover

I never did recover

From the damage of her desire

When a passion that was hot as fire

Suddenly was ice

So with this institution

I want the world to see

There's gonna be retribution

For what she did to me



John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Mr. Programmer/Vulture

Is cultivating culture

For couch-potatoes to get off

Leading me to temptation

And my assimilation

I'm trying hard not to get soft

My mind is dirty

Someone should bust me

I'm over thirty

Don't trust me


Entertainers coming at us

We're giving them such status

More than the leaders we elect

Now anarchy makes money

In the land of milk and honey

That's show biz, what did you expect?

Upon the shelf

Someone should dust me

I'm not myself

Don't trust me


These greedy masqueraders

And all their imitators

Are adding garbage to the pile

Parading this week's flavor

Until it falls from favor

Sucking the substance from the style

This stormy weather

Is starting to rust me

Can't get it together

Don't trust me


John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


From Hersey's 1999 album "Soup Du Jour."


Too many clouds, too little rain

Too few tears for so much pain

Too much laughter, too few smiles

So many stars, so many miles away


A great big sun lights up your skies

Each morning born, each evening dies

Away from work through the turnstiles

You head for home so many miles away


Look up, look up

See where you're going

It's not too late

It's still worth knowing who you are

Not just another face behind the wheel of a car


So many faces, who to trust?

So much love that's only lust

Glittering city that beguiles

I search your streets for something miles away


Look up, look up

See what you're doing

Take time to think

Is what you're pursuing what you desire?

You tell yourself it's what you want

And you're such a skillful liar


So many nights I've spent with you

So many times you pulled me through

My tribulations and my trials

But in the morning, dear

You leave me here

So close and yet so many miles away

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Men with ties, men with ties

Rule from offices in the skies

Bottom lines

And dollar signs in their eyes

Men with ties, men with ties

Big white mouths telling little white lies

But it’s good for business

Especially his mess, so he justifies


It’s the attire

That they require at the top

But you may find

They’re the ties that bind


Men with ties, men with ties

Making deals they deem wise

Running guns

From Washington in disguise

Men with ties, men with ties

Take the stand with alibis

Just last fall

He can not recall or just denies




In this club for the well-dressed male

We’re never sure what is said

Behind these men there’s a paper-trail

That they’re trying very hard to shred


Men with ties, men with ties

Often fall, but again rise

For lecture tours

And talk-show boors to advertise

Men with ties, men with ties

Trying hard to revise

What we thought

Should have brought about their demise