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by John Michael Hersey

Released 2018
Released 2018
An early 80's-style pop rock coming-of-age musical.
  • 03:36 Lyrics Dreamtime

    This is the dreamtime

    See how the world can be

    Here in the dreamtime

    Sweet dreams will set us free


    Sweet dreams will set us free

    Remove the chains from your imagination

    Sweet dreams will set us free

    Just close your eyes and let yourself go

    And dance to your own tune

    Let go of all you think that you know

    And reach up to the moon




    See how the world can be

    Behold the shining dawn of your creation

    See how the world can be

    The future in the palm of your hand

    The glory and the power

    The universe in one grain of sand

    Forever in an hour



    Will show the way


    From night to day





  • 03:16 Lyrics Ferry's Slip Inn

    Down by the Delaware River

    Near the city of Camden, NJ

    There was a seedy tavern

    Where my band would play


    They had exotic dancers

    Sliding up and down a pole

    And scary, hairy bikers

    But I tell you that joint had soul


    A place we let ‘er rip in

    That was Ferry’s Slip Inn

    Served our apprenticeship in

    A club called Ferry’s Slip Inn


    And we sang …

    Come slip inside

    Come slip inside

    Come slip inside here

    Come slip inside

    Come slip inside


    Come sip and slide

    Come sip and slide

    Come sip and slide here

    Come sip and slide

    Come sip and slide


    Do the slip


    All of our friends would chip in

    Down at Ferry’s Slip Inn

    We’d play all night then trip in

    After Ferry’s Slip Inn







  • 02:43 Lyrics Audience

    Come see us

    Come see us

    Come move to the music of the band


    Come hear us

    Come hear us

    And be sure to lend a helping hand


    Cause if you think we just play the song

    Well, you couldn’t be more wrong

    It’s the energy intense

    From you the audience


    Get into us

    Get into us

    Get lost in the flashing of the light


    Come feel us

    Come feel us

    Come share in your rocking, rolling rite


    And if you think we just play the song

    Well, you couldn’t be more wrong

    It’s the spectacle immense

    With you the audience


  • 03:10 Lyrics How Do You See Me?

    Day after day I’m a slave to myself

    Then I open my mind just to find someone else

    You say you can read me like a book on the shelf

    Then turn me back to page one


    I like to believe that I’m suave but sincere

    A regular stud, just a thrill to be near

    But how does this humble existence appear

    To the outside looking in


    Tell me how do you see me?

    Am I all that I see when I face the mirror on the wall?

    How do I stand when you cut me down to size?

    Tell me how do I look in your eyes?


    How do I look in your eyes?


    I must be impressive; I’m always in style

    With designer jeans and a confident smile

    But still I keep wondering what you’re thinking while

    I do my best to catch your eye


    Tell me how do you see me?

    Is there more to this person that I know your searching for?

    Have you learned to remove this thin disguise?

    Tell me how do I look in your eyes?


    Tell me how do you see me?

    Do you see the right man that I’m always trying to be?

    Please don’t say that there should be no surprise

    When you tell me how I look in your eyes


    How do I look in your eyes?

  • 04:09 Lyrics The Heartbreak Kid

    She was a goddess

    In heavenly bodice

    She was the belle of the dreamer’s ball

    A green teenager

    A minimum wager

    I had the will but had no wherewithal

    Just a flower on the wall


    One day in homeroom

    My little heart went boom

    She turned around and she said hello

    At first I stuttered

    Then suddenly muttered

    “Next week’s the dance, if you want we could go”

    And she didn’t tell me no

    Oh Yeah


    But in everything I did

    And every word I said

    I was just the heartbreak kid

    With the lady in red

    I tried to be so cool

    But there are some things that you don’t learn in school

    When you’re just an adolescent fool


    I went from zero

    To locker room hero

    The most attention I ever got

    The guys were jealous

    They said to me, “Tell us

    What is your secret, that girl is so hot

    And you certainly are not”


    And then came Friday

    My pie in the sky day

    Cause when I showed up at her address

    She said, “It could be

    You misunderstood me

    It’s true I never said no, I confess

    But I never told you yes”

    Oh no



  • 04:06 Lyrics Off the Wall

    You may think I’m crazy

    But I’m not, oh no

    My thoughts a little hazy

    But they’re not, oh no

    You’re so smart

    You think you know it all

    So you put me down

    And say I’m off the wall


    You wear tie and collar

    But I won’t, oh no

    And chase the mighty dollar

    But I won’t, oh no

    You’re so rich

    You own the president

    And you say I’m strange

    Because I’m different


    Well, I’ll ride the new wave

    You can ride the old

    I’ll suit the wishes of my soul

    I’ll go ahead

    And you can stay behind

    Cause I’m off the wall and doing fine


    You accept the future

    But I can’t, oh no

    Sewn up with needle and suture

    But I can’t, oh no

    You tell me

    I’ve got to fit the mold

    But that’s not me

    Just doing what I’m told




    You turn your head

    Because you know it’s true

    You’re just scared

    Because I’m not like you



  • 03:24 Lyrics A Mystery to Me

    I can’t believe she wouldn’t let me in

    She cracked the door

    Then she cracked a smile

    Then she shut it again


    Don’t understand; don’t think I ever will

    She turned me on

    Then she turned away

    And left me standing still


    It’s a mystery to me

    How quickly love runs dry

    And don’t even ask me why

    Cause it’s a mystery to me

    A mystery to me

    How we let it slip away

    And even to this day

    It’s mystery to me


    Every time, it happens every time

    While you’re holding on

    She’s just holding out

    On that piece of mind


    A side of her you never really knew

    When you’re coming on

    It’s starts coming out

    Coming right at you




    I was wrong to ever get involved

    It’s just the kind of mystery that’s unsolved

    It’s just goes on and on and on and on and on


  • 02:59 Lyrics Working Girl

    This fact I can’t deny

    I am just a lazy slob

    Why should I break my back?

    And run the risk of a heart attack

    Not when I’ve found a better way


    There is a reason why

    I don’t get a steady job

    My darling mademoiselle

    Is the night clerk at the Grand Hotel

    We get to stay in bed all day


    I sure do love my working girl

    She knows I do the best I can

    My one true love, my working girl

    She loves her liberated man


    She wears a miniskirt and a pair of stilettos

    But that’s because the union said she had to get those

    She owns a set of handcuffs and a cat-o-nine tails

    In case she needs the police and the telephone line fails

    It all makes sense to me


    If there’s some stuff to buy

    My baby just says, “No prob!”

    She’ll just work some overtime

    I must admit there are times when I’m

    Amazed at what night clerk jobs pay





  • 03:25 Lyrics Ghosts in Your Bedroom

    Dancing light

    On the walls

    Do I see ghosts in your bedroom?

    Eerie laughter

    Haunted calls

    Could there be ghosts in your bedroom?


    You took pains to assure me

    There was never anyone before me

    But now some voice in this room

    Whispers of impending doom


    Whispers of impend, whispers of impend, pending doom


    I hear steps

    On the stairs

    Who goes there – ghosts in your bedroom?

    Echoes from

    Past affairs

    Say beware ghosts in your bedroom


    A poltergeist of your love

    Is watching us both from above

    You loved them all tragically

    Do you want to make a ghost of me?


    Do you wanna make a ghost, wanna make a ghost of me?


    Am, am, I, I, just, just, para, para, noid, noid

    Is this, is this, is this, justa, justa, dream?

    Not what it seems?

    Tell, tell, me, me, Sig, Sig, mond, mond, Freud, Freud

    That it’s, that it’s, justa, justa, lie

    That old lovers never die

    They just keep sleeping with you


    Please wake up, dear, and explain

    The clatter of rattling chain

    I’d rather not share your bed

    With the members of your loving dead


    Members of your love, members of your love, loving dead


  • 03:59 Lyrics Holiday Retreat


    It seems like forever

    The rain’s been coming down

    All this stormy weather

    I feel like I’m gonna drown

    I’ve been working hard everyday

    It’s a crime and it don’t pay

    I don’t care where I go I just got to get away


    It seems like I’ve never

    Been this far gone before

    Get your things together

    We’re heading right out the door

    We’ll just leave this whole scene behind

    The daily bump and the daily grind

    Let’s lose ourselves and see what we can find


    Oh baby I know when I’m beat

    I admit defeat

    Let’s beat a hasty holiday retreat


    I’m tired of the rat race

    The rats will always win

    I’m through running that race

    It’s making my poor head spin

    I’m quite happy to trade in my tie

    For a pair of shorts and a clear blue sky

    I’ll wave the white flag as I wave goodbye


    So come on, come on, baby

    This is our exit plan

    There ain’t no time for maybe

    Let’s get out while we can

    We’ll just leave this whole scene behind

    The daily bump and the daily grind

    Let’s lose ourselves and see what we can find




  • 03:39 Lyrics Every Reason to Fail

    I said goodbye

    I left my home

    It was time to fly

    It was time to roam

    I heard a voice

    It called my name

    I made a choice

    No one’s to blame


    I had to leave

    I couldn’t take it anymore

    Responsibility dragged me

    Like a ball and a chain

    I have to know what my life is for

    And everybody treats me like I’ve gone insane

    They all say:

    You better make sure it’s all right

    The street gets so dark at night

    You better have wind in your sail

    There’s every reason to fail


    I’m down and out

    A troubled soul

    I ‘m full of doubt

    I’ve lost control

    I miss my town

    But I can’t go back

    Now I’m staring down

    A railroad track



  • 03:34 Lyrics Give Me a Break

    One more restless night

    Of staring at the ceiling

    Turning left and right

    Trying to shake this feeling


    On a losing streak

    That seems to be unending

    My will is getting weak

    There’s no point in pretending


    I need a helping hand

    Before it gets too late

    It can’t be left up to fate

    Somebody out there now

    Some way, somehow


    Give me break, man

    All I want is a break, man

    Tell me what does it take, man

    To get a fair shake, man

    Just give me chance, sir

    All I want is a chance, sir

    For my song and dance, sir

    Can you give me the answer?

    Just give me a break


    One more endless day

    Of staring in the mirror

    Trying to find my way

    Nothing’s getting clearer


    I’ve tried my very best

    To keep on hanging in there

    They’ve put me to the test

    I’ve done that and I’ve been there


    But now I know that

    I can’t make it on my own

    I just can’t go it alone

    It’s got me on my knees

    Oh, won’t you please?




  • 04:21 Lyrics The Bottom Line

    Sunrise, sunset

    This fool tries to forget

    Just what was clear as I looked down from the top

    It’s a long way down to the bottom


    Have love, will travel

    But love will unravel

    The end was near, but I did not see the sign

    It’s a long way down to the bottom line


    Hot lips, cold heart

    She worked fast, she played smart

    What she’d begun there was no way I could stop

    It’s a long way down to the bottom


    One night too far

    In my friend’s brand new car

    She’s had her fun but sweet vengeance will be mine

    It’s a long way down to the bottom line


    My love, goodbye

    You will fall from the sky

    Way down to where the sun will no longer shine

    It’s a long way down to the bottom line

  • 03:35 Lyrics Keep on Turning It Out

    I’ve seen love through a thousand eyes

    This well-worn wheel never wears out

    And I’ve heard tales of a thousand loves

    From a whistful whisper to a shout


    So don’t you give up

    Just give us some more

    Some may say they’ve heard it all before

    But don’t you give up

    Cause you know what’s all about

    You gotta keep on turning it

    Keep on turning it out


    A true love song is a fingerprint

    In some small way one of a kind

    A fingerprint of what’s in your heart

    The unseen magic in your mind


    So just let it out

    Just say what you feel

    No matter what the critics say you steal

    Just it let it out

    Cause you know what’s all about

    You gotta keep on turning it

    Keep on turning it out


    (First Verse)


    (First Chorus)



It was the early 1980s in southern New Jersey. I was young. I was in a band. It was Dreamtime. We played five nights a week at Ferry’s Slip Inn, in search of an Audience. It was great! I wondered out loud: How Do You See Me? I styled myself The Heartbreak Kid. I proclaimed myself out of the ordinary, proudly and defiantly, Off the Wall. In reality, the ways of the opposite sex and the world in general were A Mystery to Me. I had a delusional relationship with an older woman, a Working Girl. How could I have been so naïve? How could I not see the Ghosts in Your Bedroom? I longed for a permanent Holiday Retreat, a way out of the nine-to-five life that lay ahead. Ultimately, I struck out on my own, but all I found was Every Reason to Fail. I was alone. I pleaded with the indifferent world to Give Me a Break. I had reached The Bottom Line. Dreamtime was over. And waking up is hard to do. I almost didn’t make it to morning. But music was my rising sun. That’s why I Keep on Turning it Out.

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