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Personal Belongings

by John Michael Hersey

Released 2017
Released 2017
Rock, pop, folk, blues, adult alternative singer songwriter.
  • 04:15 Lyrics Get Through

    Every time I sing

    Or I’m playing with the band

    Do you ever wonder what’s on my mind?

    Do ya?

    I wish that I could show you

    And make you understand

    I’m trying to get through

    I’m just trying to get through

    To you


    Every time we talk

    And I don’t know what to say

    Do you think I’m trying to be unkind?

    Do ya?

    I want to get to know you

    But words get in the way

    I’m trying to get through

    I’m just trying to get through

    To you


    Draw back the curtain

    Pull up the screen

    Remove whatever’s in-between us

    I can’t be certain

    But still I feel

    There’s something here that’s real

    That’s true


    Every time we kiss

    And I look into your eyes

    Do you know it’s you that I want to find?

    Do ya?

    Don’t let my closeness throw you

    Or take you by surprise

    I’m trying to get through

    I’m just trying to get through

    To you

  • 03:52 Lyrics All My Life

    I have loved you all my life

    From the moment I was born

    You were shining in my eyes

    When they opened that first morning


    As a schoolboy I would walk

    Through the meadows of my home

    You were there among the stars

    And you followed all my roaming


    When I reached out to the world

    You’re the one who held my hand

    You’re the one who kissed my lips

    Gave me hope and understanding


    As a young man I worked hard

    And I learned how to survive

    For I knew with you I shared

    All my dreaming and my striving


    I have loved you all my life

    Though we’ve only met today

    You’ve been beating in my heart

    Where forever you’ll be staying

  • 05:29 Gig in the Street
  • 03:31 When It Rains
  • 03:28 Hole in My Heart
  • 04:10 Trying Times
  • 05:02 Junior
  • 03:37 La Dolce Blues
  • 03:48 Lady of the Day
  • 03:30 A Little Lovin'
  • 04:31 The Beaten Path
  • 02:59 Reachin'
John Michael Hersey is a singer/songwriter known for his sophisticated yet accessible melding of rock, pop, folk, blues and country. Hersey is first and foremost a storyteller, one who happens to play a mean guitar.

Hersey has released seven albums of original material: Soup Du Jour (1999), Whirligig (2003), Mr. Lucky [with Speedo and the Cadillacs] (2004), How Am I Here? (2007), Adirondack (2014) [“raw, hard, observant and thought provoking”], You Got to Me, [“a timeless take on pop music"], and Personal Belongings (2017).

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