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Don't Trust Me

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Mr. Programmer/Vulture

Is cultivating culture

For couch-potatoes to get off

Leading me to temptation

And my assimilation

I'm trying hard not to get soft

My mind is dirty

Someone should bust me

I'm over thirty

Don't trust me


Entertainers coming at us

We're giving them such status

More than the leaders we elect

Now anarchy makes money

In the land of milk and honey

That's show biz, what did you expect?

Upon the shelf

Someone should dust me

I'm not myself

Don't trust me


These greedy masqueraders

And all their imitators

Are adding garbage to the pile

Parading this week's flavor

Until it falls from favor

Sucking the substance from the style

This stormy weather

Is starting to rust me

Can't get it together

Don't trust me


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