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John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Lots of woods and family farms

With houses in between 

Cedar lakes and big back yards

With oak trees tall and green

And although Philadelphia

Was just an hour away

When I was young my home town

Was mostly where I’d stay


And though I left there long ago

My thoughts meander still

Down to southern New Jersey

To a town called Franklinville


Back in the nineteen-seventies

Those were my teenage years

My hair was long, my jeans were tight

Rock music filled my ears

I learned to throw a football

I learned to drive a car

I learned to roll a number

I learned to play guitar


I may have seen the world since then

But I still get a thrill

Remembering South Jersey

And a town called Franklinville


I fell in love my senior year

I thought she was the one

But when the summer ended

Our love affair was done

So I had to say goodbye

To all the starry lakeside nights

And go and seek my fortune

Beneath the city lights


I’ve tried hard to forget her

But I know I never will

My first love in South Jersey

In a town called Franklinville


Now on many of the family farms

Developments have grown

A super highway passes through

The backyards I had known

And all my childhood memories

Are phantoms in my mind

Just like the phantom fortune

That I’m still trying to find


But there’s a part of me inside

The changing world can’t kill

Born in southern New Jersey

In a town called Franklinville


I may have left there long ago

But my heart beats there still

Down in southern New Jersey

In a town called Franklinville

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