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Ghosts in Your Bedroom

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Dancing light

On the walls

Do I see ghosts in your bedroom?

Eerie laughter

Haunted calls

Could there be ghosts in your bedroom?


You took pains to assure me

There was never anyone before me

But now some voice in this room

Whispers of impending doom


Whispers of impend, whispers of impend, pending doom


I hear steps

On the stairs

Who goes there – ghosts in your bedroom?

Echoes from

Past affairs

Say beware ghosts in your bedroom


A poltergeist of your love

Is watching us both from above

You loved them all tragically

Do you want to make a ghost of me?


Do you wanna make a ghost, wanna make a ghost of me?


Am, am, I, I, just, just, para, para, noid, noid

Is this, is this, is this, justa, justa, dream?

Not what it seems?

Tell, tell, me, me, Sig, Sig, mond, mond, Freud, Freud

That it’s, that it’s, justa, justa, lie

That old lovers never die

They just keep sleeping with you


Please wake up, dear, and explain

The clatter of rattling chain

I’d rather not share your bed

With the members of your loving dead


Members of your love, members of your love, loving dead


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