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Give Me a Break

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


One more restless night

Of staring at the ceiling

Turning left and right

Trying to shake this feeling


On a losing streak

That seems to be unending

My will is getting weak

There’s no point in pretending


I need a helping hand

Before it gets too late

It can’t be left up to fate

Somebody out there now

Some way, somehow


Give me break, man

All I want is a break, man

Tell me what does it take, man

To get a fair shake, man

Just give me chance, sir

All I want is a chance, sir

For my song and dance, sir

Can you give me the answer?

Just give me a break


One more endless day

Of staring in the mirror

Trying to find my way

Nothing’s getting clearer


I’ve tried my very best

To keep on hanging in there

They’ve put me to the test

I’ve done that and I’ve been there


But now I know that

I can’t make it on my own

I just can’t go it alone

It’s got me on my knees

Oh, won’t you please?




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