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Like a Vagabond

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


John Michael Hersey - Vocals and guitar

Katherine Bescherer - Vocals and guitar

Kurt Gundersen - Bass

Dore Abrams - Piano

Adam Weber - Percussion


Down in the darkness I stowed away

A tempest is brewing I heard someone say

It goes on

Like a vagabond


The captain is crazy, the crew is drunk

We’re taking on water but still we ain't sunk

It goes on

Like a vagabond


I can't stop the wind

I can't the tide

I have no idea when the waves will subside

High in the crow's nest

I'm sure they must know

But here in the hold

I'm just going with the flow


I thought I did hear as the thunder did crash

A lifeboat loosened and dropped with a splash

It goes on

Like a vagabond


Now all the sailors in rocket-ship cars

Are setting their sights on the shores of the stars

It goes on

Like a vagabond

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