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Miles Away

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


From Hersey's 1999 album "Soup Du Jour."


Too many clouds, too little rain

Too few tears for so much pain

Too much laughter, too few smiles

So many stars, so many miles away


A great big sun lights up your skies

Each morning born, each evening dies

Away from work through the turnstiles

You head for home so many miles away


Look up, look up

See where you're going

It's not too late

It's still worth knowing who you are

Not just another face behind the wheel of a car


So many faces, who to trust?

So much love that's only lust

Glittering city that beguiles

I search your streets for something miles away


Look up, look up

See what you're doing

Take time to think

Is what you're pursuing what you desire?

You tell yourself it's what you want

And you're such a skillful liar


So many nights I've spent with you

So many times you pulled me through

My tribulations and my trials

But in the morning, dear

You leave me here

So close and yet so many miles away

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