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Off the Wall

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


You may think I’m crazy

But I’m not, oh no

My thoughts a little hazy

But they’re not, oh no

You’re so smart

You think you know it all

So you put me down

And say I’m off the wall


You wear tie and collar

But I won’t, oh no

And chase the mighty dollar

But I won’t, oh no

You’re so rich

You own the president

And you say I’m strange

Because I’m different


Well, I’ll ride the new wave

You can ride the old

I’ll suit the wishes of my soul

I’ll go ahead

And you can stay behind

Cause I’m off the wall and doing fine


You accept the future

But I can’t, oh no

Sewn up with needle and suture

But I can’t, oh no

You tell me

I’ve got to fit the mold

But that’s not me

Just doing what I’m told




You turn your head

Because you know it’s true

You’re just scared

Because I’m not like you



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