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One Track Mind

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


John Michael Hersey - Vocals and guitars

David Sykes - keyboards

Bob DesJardins - Bass

John DiGiulio - Drums


I keep thinking about you, baby

I can’t sleep thinking about you, baby

In so deep thinking about you, baby

I got a one-track mind


Every night

And every single day

I’ve got a singular fascination

That just won’t go away

You stole my heart

But it’s a victimless crime

Cause just the thought of you

Has me smiling all the time




Before you

Turned my world around

I had a bad preoccupation

With the love I never found

I thought I was

The loneliest boy on earth

I felt my life had no meaning, no worth


But you came along

And convinced me I was wrong

Even made me write this song

You turned my hell about-face

Into a place I call heaven

Now twenty-four seven





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