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Running From The Blues

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


From Hersey's 2007 album "How Am I Here?"


I’m the universal stranger

Have you seen my face before?

The moment I sense danger

I’ve got one foot out the door


I’m a wanted man

I’m running from town to town

I’m running from the blues

But the blues always track me down


Each time you take my hand

Child, you make me want to smile

But you must understand

I can only stay a while




I think the coast is clear

And they take me by surprise

I try to disappear

But they see through my disguise

They’re ruthless and they’re cunning

And they always get their man

That’s why I keep on running

Just as fast as I can


I’m the universal stranger

First you know me then you don’t

A shadowy shape-changer

I could stay but I won’t




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