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Sittin' Pretty

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Just got back today

Spent some time away

All work and no play

Makes Johnny a dull man

Now I’m looking around

Got my ear to the ground

Every sight and sound

Is so beautiful, man


Some people say it’s an ugly world

Life’s a bitch then you die

It might be true

But I’d still rather laugh than cry


And I’m sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

In New York City


Take a subway ride

To the Lower East Side

Just rolling with the tide

And hearing the wind blow

Have some scrambled eggs

Sip my coffee dregs

Watch the arms and legs

Outside my window


Got into trouble

But I made my peace

Gonna make a new start

The streets are pumping something

Straight into my heart




The night is coming

But I just can’t sleep

Got too much on my mind

I need a little of that

Sweet old bump and grind




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