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The Storm Sometimes

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


John Michael Hersey - Vocals and guitars

Darren Solomon - Bass

Peter Millrose - Keyboards

Randy Gilmore - Sax

Jeff Ballard - Drums


Sometimes I'm floating

Sometimes I'm free

Sometimes the shadows

Don't bother me

Sometimes the rain

Is soft and warm

Sometimes I lay awake at night

And listen to the storm


There among the clouds

That's where I want to be

Falling to the river

And flowing out to sea

Sometimes I can feel it

My heart is in my head

Like when I'm lying breathless, baby

Warm inside your bed


Thunder shakes the windows

Echoes in my soul

It's mine to have and hold



There, there that was it

That was it there

That powerful, blooming feeling

That caught me unaware

Sometimes I can see it

Out the corner of my eye

A strobe light to creation

A flash across the sky




Sometimes there is rhythm

There is harmony in my heart

Sometimes there's a dance

Of which I am a part

Sometimes time is

Unfolding as it should

Sometimes I feel good




Sometimes I'm searching

And sometimes I find

Just what I'm needing

To free up my mind

Most times I'm waiting

For the time to be right

Sometimes this crazy storm

Just has me staying up all night





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