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Working Girl

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


This fact I can’t deny

I am just a lazy slob

Why should I break my back?

And run the risk of a heart attack

Not when I’ve found a better way


There is a reason why

I don’t get a steady job

My darling mademoiselle

Is the night clerk at the Grand Hotel

We get to stay in bed all day


I sure do love my working girl

She knows I do the best I can

My one true love, my working girl

She loves her liberated man


She wears a miniskirt and a pair of stilettos

But that’s because the union said she had to get those

She owns a set of handcuffs and a cat-o-nine tails

In case she needs the police and the telephone line fails

It all makes sense to me


If there’s some stuff to buy

My baby just says, “No prob!”

She’ll just work some overtime

I must admit there are times when I’m

Amazed at what night clerk jobs pay





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