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You Got to Me

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


Caught unawares

I walked up the stairs

Under the silky sheet I disappeared


Your body lithe

We did rub and writhe

You brought me back to life; the slate was cleared


You got to me

With love untainted

So glad that we

Became acquainted

You got to me


Can it be true?

Tell me who are you?

Some cosmic visitor, some passing phantom


What a relief

It’s beyond belief

The seeds of ecstasy, we’re gonna plant them


You got to me

Showed me to shelter

A moment free

From helter skelter

You got to me


Hip to hip

Chest to chest

We let time slip

East and west

North and south

Did not exist

Mouth to mouth


My soul was kissed

What a sensation


You got to me

Now we are lovers

What will we see

Under the covers

You got to me

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