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You Saved My Life

John Michael Hersey
John Michael Hersey


I stayed up late coming undone

Cursing my fate and everyone

Wasting my time, hanging my head

Stuck in a rut, as good as dead


Then all at once, or so it seemed

It was a scene I thought I dreamed

A smile I found

Turned me around


You saved my life

With just one look

You saved my life

That’s all it took

Like a light in the dark

There you were, love’s bright spark

You saved my life


My self-esteem beyond repair

I didn’t dream, I didn’t dare

And all the promise of my youth

Was just a lie – that was my truth


But then so simply and so sweet

So tenderly and so complete

And so unplanned

You touched my hand


You saved my life

With one caress

You saved my life

No more, no less

Like the heat from a fire

You filled me with desire

You saved my life


I tried to fix my life alone

But I got nowhere on my own

So glad you came to my rescue

Where would I be if not for you?

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