John Michael Hersey

This album is short story about a long journey from darkness to light. The protagonist, the singer of the songs, finds himself in bad place. A place of stark isolation ironically set in the pastoral ADIRONDACK mountains. He's a FALLEN man, singing the blues. A decade before he was in New York City on September 11th, when THE WORLD CAME TO TOWN, which jarred his psyche. Soon, he fell prey to his inner demons, the temptations, the BAD EXAMPLES of his environment. Someone with whom he had unresolved issues, A DIFFICULT MAN, passed away. He decided not to care about right and wrong. Now removed from society, filled with remorse, addressing the people in his life he wonders, WHAT DO YOU THINK? But at this darkest of moments, came resolve to become a better man and to NEVER GIVE UP. It was morning and that dawn, THAT DAY became THIS DAY, the day of his release. It was day or joy and gratitude. He was back in New York City and SITTIN’ PRETTY. But maybe it went to his head too quickly. Maybe he didn’t release that he had be mindful; that his actions brought consequences. He made an error in judgment and was back upstate for another 100 days. What got him through this? A vision of the romance of starting over, a dream of asking someone special to ROLL AROUND THE FLOOR of a new place of love and happiness. He could glimpse the future. His long dark night was truly over and he was WALKING TO THE LIGHT. He made a promise to himself to appreciate every day, because every year is A BAR OF GOLD.

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