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  1. All My Life

From the recording Personal Belongings


<p>I have loved you all my life</p>
<p>From the moment I was born</p>
<p>You were shining in my eyes</p>
<p>When they opened that first morning</p>
<p>As a schoolboy I would walk</p>
<p>Through the meadows of my home</p>
<p>You were there among the stars</p>
<p>And you followed all my roaming</p>
<p>When I reached out to the world</p>
<p>You&rsquo;re the one who held my hand</p>
<p>You&rsquo;re the one who kissed my lips</p>
<p>Gave me hope and understanding</p>
<p>As a young man I worked hard</p>
<p>And I learned how to survive</p>
<p>For I knew with you I shared</p>
<p>All my dreaming and my striving</p>
<p>I have loved you all my life</p>
<p>Though we&rsquo;ve only met today</p>
<p>You&rsquo;ve been beating in my heart</p>
<p>Where forever you&rsquo;ll be staying</p>