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  1. Heartbreak 101

From the recording Heartbreak 101

<p>From Hersey's 2003 album "Whirligig."</p>


<p>Welcome to class, boy</p>
<p>If you want to pass</p>
<p>You better listen to what I sing</p>
<p>About the bite and the sting</p>
<p>Of the birds and bees</p>
<p>Study your history</p>
<p>It ain't no mystery</p>
<p>We've been doing it since Adam and Eve</p>
<p>Born to woo and deceive</p>
<p>To strip and tease</p>
<p>And before your graduation</p>
<p>I&rsquo;ll show what I've learned</p>
<p>I had an early education</p>
<p>In the art of being burned</p>
<p>Heartbreak 101</p>
<p>Let me show you how it's done</p>
<p>Here at the school</p>
<p>Where the golden rule</p>
<p>Is to do unto others and run</p>
<p>Heartbreak 101</p>
<p>When I was a student</p>
<p>I wasn't very prudent</p>
<p>I thought love would win the day</p>
<p>But it didn't turn out that way</p>
<p>And I paid the price</p>
<p>I had a lover</p>
<p>I never did recover</p>
<p>From the damage of her desire</p>
<p>When a passion that was hot as fire</p>
<p>Suddenly was ice</p>
<p>So with this institution</p>
<p>I want the world to see</p>
<p>There's gonna be retribution</p>
<p>For what she did to me</p>