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  1. Miles Away

From the recording Miles Away

<p>From Hersey's 1999 album "Soup Du Jour."</p>


<p>Too many clouds, too little rain</p>
<p>Too few tears for so much pain</p>
<p>Too much laughter, too few smiles</p>
<p>So many stars, so many miles away</p>
<p>A great big sun lights up your skies</p>
<p>Each morning born, each evening dies</p>
<p>Away from work through the turnstiles</p>
<p>You head for home so many miles away</p>
<p>Look up, look up</p>
<p>See where you're going</p>
<p>It's not too late</p>
<p>It's still worth knowing who you are</p>
<p>Not just another face behind the wheel of a car</p>
<p>So many faces, who to trust?</p>
<p>So much love that's only lust</p>
<p>Glittering city that beguiles</p>
<p>I search your streets for something miles away</p>
<p>Look up, look up</p>
<p>See what you're doing</p>
<p>Take time to think</p>
<p>Is what you're pursuing what you desire?</p>
<p>You tell yourself it's what you want</p>
<p>And you're such a skillful liar</p>
<p>So many nights I've spent with you</p>
<p>So many times you pulled me through</p>
<p>My tribulations and my trials</p>
<p>But in the morning, dear</p>
<p>You leave me here</p>
<p>So close and yet so many miles away</p>