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  1. Sittin' Pretty

From the recording Sittin' Pretty


<p>Just got back today</p>
<p>Spent some time away</p>
<p>All work and no play</p>
<p>Makes Johnny a dull man</p>
<p>Now I&rsquo;m looking around</p>
<p>Got my ear to the ground</p>
<p>Every sight and sound</p>
<p>Is so beautiful, man</p>
<p>Some people say it&rsquo;s an ugly world</p>
<p>Life&rsquo;s a bitch then you die</p>
<p>It might be true</p>
<p>But I&rsquo;d still rather laugh than cry</p>
<p>And I&rsquo;m sitting pretty</p>
<p>Sitting pretty</p>
<p>Sitting pretty</p>
<p>In New York City</p>
<p>Take a subway ride</p>
<p>To the Lower East Side</p>
<p>Just rolling with the tide</p>
<p>And hearing the wind blow</p>
<p>Have some scrambled eggs</p>
<p>Sip my coffee dregs</p>
<p>Watch the arms and legs</p>
<p>Outside my window</p>
<p>Got into trouble</p>
<p>But I made my peace</p>
<p>Gonna make a new start</p>
<p>The streets are pumping something</p>
<p>Straight into my heart</p>
<p>The night is coming</p>
<p>But I just can&rsquo;t sleep</p>
<p>Got too much on my mind</p>
<p>I need a little of that</p>
<p>Sweet old bump and grind</p>