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  1. Don't Trust Me

From the recording Don't Trust Me


<p>Mr. Programmer/Vulture</p>
<p>Is cultivating culture</p>
<p>For couch-potatoes to get off</p>
<p>Leading me to temptation</p>
<h2>And my assimilation</h2>
<p>I'm trying hard not to get soft</p>
<p>My mind is dirty</p>
<p>Someone should bust me</p>
<p>I'm over thirty</p>
<p>Don't trust me</p>
<p>Entertainers coming at us</p>
<p>We're giving them such status</p>
<p>More than the leaders we elect</p>
<p>Now anarchy makes money</p>
<p>In the land of milk and honey</p>
<p>That's show biz, what did you expect?</p>
<p>Upon the shelf</p>
<p>Someone should dust me</p>
<p>I'm not myself</p>
<p>Don't trust me</p>
<p>These greedy masqueraders</p>
<p>And all their imitators</p>
<p>Are adding garbage to the pile</p>
<p>Parading this week's flavor</p>
<p>Until it falls from favor</p>
<p>Sucking the substance from the style</p>
<p>This stormy weather</p>
<p>Is starting to rust me</p>
<p>Can't get it together</p>
<p>Don't trust me</p>