This is song to end a long hot summer with some dancing in the street. This is a rock and roll call to arms and legs for peace and love and shaking your moneymaker. With crunchy rhythm guitar, a sinewy Santana-like lead, in your face vocal and old-fashioned classic rock backbeat this is a challenge to let it all hang out while the hanging is still good.

John Michael Hersey Shake a Leg

In a departure from his usual singer/songwriter métier, John Michael Hersey offers a selection of short instrumental piano pieces eloquently performed by pianist Dore Abrams. The styles and genres range from jazz-influenced (Adagio) to baroque (Invention) to romantic (Romantic Rag) to impressionism (Waltz) to modern (Requiem Fantasy). The moods are in turn reflective (Mysterioso), somber (Recessional), whimsical (Promenade), and ebullient (Folk Dance).

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An edgy roots rock excursion through the dark side with brief glimmers of light.

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An early 80s style pop rock coming-of-age musical.

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FIFTEEN YEARS is a selection of previously unreleased recordings from 1986 to 2001 featuring the evolving singing, guitar playing and songwriting of John Michael Hersey. 

“Like a Vagabond” and “Magic, Magic” were recorded in 1986 at NYU and feature Katherine Bescherer on guitar and vocals, Kurt Gundersen on bass, Dore Abrams on piano and Adam Weber on drums. “Strange, Strange Sea,” (co-written with John Carney and Michael Vassaras) “The Color of My Skin” and “Here in the Middle” (co-written with Vassaras) were recorded at Harold Desau Recording in NYC in 1988 and feature Peter Millrose on keyboards, Al Cohen on bass and Tass Filipos on drums. “The Storm Sometimes,” “Brave New Man” and “Time’s Arrow” were recorded at Waterfront Studios in Hoboken, NJ in 1991 and feature Millrose on keyboards, Randy Gilmore on sax, Darren Solomon on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums. “One Track Mind,” (co-written with David Sykes and William “Prez” Tyus) “Clowns Cry Too,” “You Don’t Care,” (both co-written with Tyus) “Another Night,” (co-written with Sykes and Tyus) “The Skin I’m In” (co-written with Jack Kolkmeyer and Tyus) and “One” (co-written with Sykes and Tyus) were recorded at DSP in NYC between 1999 and 2001 and feature David Sykes on keyboards, Bob DesJardins on bass and John DiGiulio on drums.

The front cover photo was taken by Georgia Popplewell and the back cover photo by Ettore Toppi. All tracks were mastered by Rich Gaglia.

Hersey has released seven other albums of original material: Soup Du Jour (1999), Whirligig (2003), Mr. Lucky [with Speedo and the Cadillacs] (2004), How Am I Here? (2007), Adirondack (2014), You Got to Me (2016) and Personal Belongings (2017).

Fifteen Years

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Rock, pop, folk, blues, adult alternative, singer songwriter music!

Personal Belongings


Heartfelt pop/rock with a dash of irony. 

You Got to Me

A pop-folk-rock journey from darkness to light.

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Singer songwriter roots rock

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Storytelling guitar-driven Folk Pop/Roots Rock

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Classic rhythm and blues and rock and roll vocal harmony

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Calls upon various American musical genres of Rockabilly, Modern Rock, Country and Folk to paint portraits of the personal and the political.

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