Merry Christmas, stranger
So what brings you here?
To this lonely bar at this time of year
You’re meeting some friends tonight, I bet
And you stopped in here just to get your whistle wet

Very Merry Christmas, stranger
May I ask your name?
That’s no pick-up line
I don’t play that game
It’s just that when you walked in that door
You had a way about you I could not ignore

Look at that party back there
They’re having such fun
Look at that those people out there
Hustling and bustling to get all their last minute shopping done
But I won’t keep you
I’m sure you have to run

Very Merry Christmas, stranger
So how will you spend?
All the snowbound nights of this long weekend
With loved ones around a Christmas tree
Or are you spending your Christmas alone like me?
Would you mind spending your Christmas alone with me?