From the recording Dreamtime


She was a goddess
In heavenly bodice
She was the belle of the dreamer’s ball
A green teenager
A minimum wager
I had the will but had no wherewithal
Just a flower on the wall

One day in homeroom
My little heart went boom
She turned around and she said hello
At first I stuttered
Then suddenly muttered
“Next week’s the dance, if you want we could go”
And she didn’t tell me no
Oh Yeah

But in everything I did
And every word I said
I was just the heartbreak kid
With the lady in red
I tried to be so cool
But there are some things that you don’t learn in school
When you’re just an adolescent fool

I went from zero
To locker room hero
The most attention I ever got
The guys were jealous
They said to me, “Tell us
What is your secret, that girl is so hot
And you certainly are not”

And then came Friday
My pie in the sky day
Cause when I showed up at her address
She said, “It could be
You misunderstood me
It’s true I never said no, I confess
But I never told you yes”
Oh no