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  1. You Got to Me

From the recording You Got to Me


<p>Caught unawares</p>
<p>I walked up the stairs</p>
<p>Under the silky sheet I disappeared</p>
<p>Your body lithe</p>
<p>We did rub and writhe</p>
<p>You brought me back to life; the slate was cleared</p>
<p>You got to me</p>
<p>With love untainted</p>
<p>So glad that we</p>
<p>Became acquainted</p>
<p>You got to me</p>
<p>Can it be true?</p>
<p>Tell me who are you?</p>
<p>Some cosmic visitor, some passing phantom</p>
<p>What a relief</p>
<p>It&rsquo;s beyond belief</p>
<p>The seeds of ecstasy, we&rsquo;re gonna plant them</p>
<p>You got to me</p>
<p>Showed me to shelter</p>
<p>A moment free</p>
<p>From helter skelter</p>
<p>You got to me</p>
<p>Hip to hip</p>
<p>Chest to chest</p>
<p>We let time slip</p>
<p>East and west</p>
<p>North and south</p>
<p>Did not exist</p>
<p>Mouth to mouth</p>
<p>My soul was kissed</p>
<p>What a sensation</p>
<p>You got to me</p>
<p>Now we are lovers</p>
<p>What will we see</p>
<p>Under the covers</p>
<p>You got to me</p>