1. Cinderella

From the recording Innocence


Hey, Cinderella
Not so fast
Why can’t we make this evening last?

Just give a fellah
Half a chance
Before you leave please let me have one more dance

Won’t tell me what is so alarming?
Can’t you see I’ll be your new Prince Charming?

Hey, Cinderella
Where are you?
You went and left your dancing shoe

The tarantella
Just began
You saw the clock and said your goodbye and ran

I want to ask for your hand in marriage
But you jumped into that pumpkin carriage

Like some shooting star, heaven sent
You came into my life then you went
But this fairy-tale scene was meant to be
For Cinderella and me

Hey, Cinderella
You’re so fine
I’ll look for you come rain or shine
Got an umbrella
In my heart
No stormy night could ever keep us apart

So if the shoe fits for you then wear it
Even if your step mama can’t bear it